Frontpoint Home Security Review

Choosing the right home security system can be difficult. Before you select one, you want to be sure they have excellent reviews, extensive experience and that they offer the best service to other customers. One of the best on the market today is Frontpoint Security Systems.

About Frontpoint Security

Frontpoint Security has been revolutionizing the industry for more than a decade. One of the first to use cellular technology when criminals learned how to bypass traditional security methods, they were also a leader in do-it-yourself equipment that included professional monitoring. The company was founded by Chris Villar and Aaron Shumaker in 2007 with a business model that challenged the home security system. Starting with a few guys in a basement, Frontpoint Home Security now boasts over 500 employees, evolving into one of the leading providers of home automation technology. The two men, who met at a student-run credit union at Georgetown University, built a company that is not only focused on the customer but also employee satisfaction, believing that happy employees create happy customers.

Frontpoint Equipment and Add Ons

Frontpoint equipment includes cameras, intrusion protection, hazard sensors, home automation and more. The company offers door and window sensors that let you know if either is breached, motion sensors that will detect motion where there should not be any as well as glass break sensors. Doorbell cameras as well as outdoor and indoor camera options provide you with video of your interior and exterior, helping to keep your family and belonging safe. They even have a garage door tilt sensor to let you know if someone is opening your garage door when it should be closed.

Hazard sensors include smoke and heat sensors, carbon monoxide sensors as well as flood sensors designed to warn you of dangers. Frontpoint home automation is also beneficial, offering smart door locks, outdoor smart plugs, wireless light control and smart thermostats.

There is also add-on equipment available. You can choose from a touchscreen management system, extra keypads, keychain remote and even panic pendants. A panic pendant is helpful if you have elderly relatives who need extra assistance. A simple press of a button gets help to them quickly.

Frontpoint Security Packages and Pricing

If you are looking for security packages for your home, Frontpoint security equipment is exactly what you need. Some of the packages available include:

  • The Safehouse – offers security using simple Frontpoint equipment. This package offers the most basic security devices available with costs starting at $129.
  • The Bunker – designed for those who want enhanced protection for a smaller home. The package includes automation options as well as security options so that you and your family feel safe and secure. Prices start at $475.
  • The Fortress – the most comprehensive package available, this package includes multiple sensors, cameras and safety equipment. The starting cost of this package is around $598.
  • Build Your Own – All of the Frontpoint security systems can be priced by individual equipment. This allows you to build the perfect security system for you and your family.

In addition, because they do not require long-term contracts, it is possible that you may have Frontpoint compatible sensors in your home currently that could be tied into the system. If you already have outdoor cameras, a doorbell camera or motion detectors, ask your representative if they are Frontpoint compatible sensors.

Frontpoint Home Security Automation and Smart Home Features

Some of the options available as part of the Frontpoint Home Security and Automation packages include a doorbell camera, one of the most popular products available. The camera is equipped with motion-sensing technology that records what is happening on your front step, allowing you to view any motion from your smartphone. Indoor cameras allow you to check suspicious noises using your phone from a different room in the house. They also allow you to keep an eye on babysitters or an older relative who may be living with you. If your children come home to an empty house, the cameras allow you to speak to them and remind them of chores that need done as well as to monitor what they are doing when you are not there. Outdoor cameras also have two-way communication options as well as smart intruder-deterrence. All cameras capture audio and video, both of which are securely stored should you need them later.

Never wonder if you forgot to lock the door again. With Frontpoint security equipment that includes a smart door lock, you can simply check your smartphone and lock the doors from wherever you are. It is also a safety feature for returning home as you do not need to fumble for keys to get into your house. The wireless light control devices allow you to turn lights on and off, giving the impression you are home even when you are away. They also prevent you from coming home to a completely dark house. Adjust the temperature in your home while you are at work, turning heat down when you leave and turning it back up so that your house is warm when you walk in the door with the Frontpoint smart thermostat. You can even install outdoor smart plugs that allow you to create outdoor lighting displays, schedule holiday lights to turn on and off plus more.

Home Security Frontpoint Mobile App

In order to fully use your Frontpoint Security Automation equipment, you will need to download the mobile app. The mobile app allows you to control your smart thermostat, smart lighting, electronic door locks and more. It also allows you to view your cameras, respond to anyone who may be at your front door and manage other aspects of your account.

Frontpoint Security Prices for Installation

The best part about Frontpoint security equipment is that the components are do-it-yourself. This means you can save on installation fees by installing all the components on your own. According to Frontpoint security reviews, the equipment is slightly more expensive than other security companies, but the fact that there are no installation fees offsets the higher costs. It is also important to note that, unlike other do-it-yourself companies, Frontpoint equipment cost also includes remote controls and automation capabilities. Their equipment is 100 percent wireless, making it much easier to manage than other DIY options.

Frontpoint Monthly Cost for Monitoring

Every Frontpoint equipment cost includes access to a team of professionals who will protect your home 24/7. If they detect a problem, they will send emergency personnel on the way to you as fast as they can. This around the clock service is rarely found in DIY security systems which is one of the reasons that Frontpoint home security reviews are usually positive. You can choose from the following packages:

  • The Safehouse – includes one hub and keypad; one doorbell camera; two door/window sensors; one Frontpoint motion sensor and one home defense kit. The average price for this package is $129 with a Frontpoint monthly cost of around $4.16.
  • The Bunker – includes one hub and keypad; one smoke and heat sensor; three door/window sensors; one doorbell camera; one indoor camera. The average price for this package is $475.44 or a Frontpoint monthly cost of $15.34.
  • The Fortress – includes one hub and keypad; one smoke and heat sensor; six door/window sensors; one doorbell camera; two motion sensors; one indoor camera and one home defense kit. The average cost for this package is $598.41 or a Frontpoint monthly cost of $19.31.

Frontpoint Customer Service

Based on Frontpoint home security reviews, the company has, for the most part, good customer service. One review reported that Frontpoint customer service was “without a doubt the BEST of anyone I’ve ever had to deal with.” The review continued that because home security was new to them, they had to call often, and every technician or customer service representative was polite and patient.

There are Frontpoint security reviews that report long wait times on the telephone and one reviewer felt the technician was not well-trained. That same reviewer complained that other security companies did not view the Frontpoint system as “secure.”

How to Cancel Frontpoint Security Systems

Of all the negative Frontpoint security reviews, the biggest majority of them were regarding how to cancel the service. The account cannot be cancelled online or through the chat system but must be cancelled by phone. Many customers stated that they had no problem with Frontpoint Security until it was time to cancel. One customer claimed they were on hold for over two hours on four different occasions. Another claimed they continued to be billed for weeks after they moved and cancelled the service. Another stated that their service was good until it was time to cancel. When they called the number provided, no one answered, and they ended up cancelling through their bank.

It appears there are very few negative reviews about the equipment, only about the cancellation policies.

Pros and Cons of Frontpoint Home Security


  • Frontpoint customer service is ranked highly
  • Cellular monitoring means the system is not dependent on internet or landline
  • Flexibility and customization
  • Systems are portable
  • Monitoring is included
  • Do-It-Yourself
  • Security alerts to the mobile app
  • Alarms can still be transmitted if criminals smash the control panel
  • Money back guarantee within 30 days


  • Higher up-front costs than other systems
  • Not for those who prefer professional installation
  • Equipment has a three-year warranty while others offer a lifetime warranty
  • Customers report that it is difficult to cancel

Our Final Thoughts on Frontpoint Security Equipment and Service

Overall, Frontpoint Security Systems offer an excellent choice, especially for those who prefer to install the equipment themselves. Although the company does have slightly higher equipment costs than other security companies, the fact that there are no installation costs may offset the difference. There are complaints that it is difficult to cancel the service, but this is not unusual among service companies. A Frontpoint security camera, whether it is indoor or a Frontpoint outdoor camera, allow two-way audio as well as theft deterrent options. All packages also come with a free doorbell camera.

If you would prefer installing your own security devices rather than have someone else install them for you, Frontpoint equipment and monitoring is an excellent option.